The International Office

Our office coordinates and administers university-wide international activities, such as:
  • identifying and supporting strategic international partnerships, such as our flagship partnership with Beijing Institute of Technology                    
  • setting standard operating procedures for the development, renewal and termination of international agreements
  • liaising with government offices, industry and other institutions on internationally related issues and missions
  • hosting visiting delegations and dignitaries
  • facilitating international research & development proposals 

Partnership Development

We can assist with:
  • drafting, vetting and signing of agreements
  • administrating the review and renewal of agreements
  • identifying international partnership opportunities
  • identifying internal partnership opportunities for external partners

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The International Office maintains a database of the University's international agreements.

Delegation Management

We can assist with:
  • Arrangements prior to a visit
  • Arrangements of the visit
  • Support during the visit

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International Research

We can assist with:
  • facilitation of proposal development
  • due diligence process
  • partnership development

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